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Pastries come in packages of six and are vacuum-sealed fresh for your freezer.
Finally, your own French Patisserie at your fingertips.

We use only natural ground and slivered almond, dairy (local organic milk), eggs (local free-run), dark chocolate (European non-GMO) and glorious gluten (from Albertan organic flours and one that isn't but which is untreated, unbleached with no chemical additives and most importantly, beautiful tasting.)


Available at select retailers and our pastry boutique:

Classic Croissants

Classic Croissant

We call it "Classic" because it is. A simple, beautiful pastry with that distinct French crisp. Perfect straight up with your espresso - just like the French do it. No need to add anything - unless you want to. You know a good pastry chef by his croissant as there is nowhere to run, nowhere to hide - just getting lost in lots of layers of flaky pastry with a kiss of butter to keep you company. Anything more is mere distraction.

Cinnamon buns

Cinnamon Roll

We add just the right amount of raisins, a kiss of cinnamon and just a hint of real pastry cream made with real milk. 

Flaky, light, fantastic - no gooey icing or overly sweet. Puts the "sin" back in cinnamon. Don't like raisins? No problem. We make them without raisins too. 

Pain au chocolat

Pain au Chocolat

One bite and you're back in Paris. A French classic, blending the best of pastry and chocolate together in one irresistible duet. Also known as 'chocolatine' in the South of France where Pascal is from. Made with imported chocolate from France.

Starting your morning with the fragrance of this pure joy baking in your home and eating it warm out of the oven guarantees a perfect weekend every time. Fantastique!

Puff Pastry

French Puff Pastry

A custom blend of local organic flours and real unsalted butter makes layers of gorgeous French puff pastry. Enjoy your time in the kitchen making your favourite sweet & savoury creations. Pascal's helps you up front so you have all the fun. Easy to use; the flat sheet of dough simply thaws an hour in the fridge & you're ready to make your own delicious pies, quiches, sausage rolls, galettes, tatins, tourtières - anything you want without all the rolling. When the recipe calls for puff pastry, call for Pascal's!


Available only at our pastry boutique:



Known as the 'Queen of Breads' it is also a member of the 'Viennoiserie' family of pastry. Very French and very old school with recipes dating back to the 1400s. A light and airy bun-type pleasure kind of half way between bread and cake - a dreamy cloud of wonderfulness. Perfect solo or with artisanal honeys. Brioche is enjoying a resurgence in popularity. Learn more here.

Almond Croissants

Almond Croissant

Almond lovers rejoice! We make our almond croissant with a pastry cream blend of ground almond flour and natural almond essence topped with slivered almonds. If you're lucky, maybe a little almondy cream will ooze out of the pastry while it's baking and bake on your baking tray going all crunchy. I love that.



(20 per package) These darling little pastry puffs sprinkled with pearl sugar are a huge hit with the young and young at heart. Described as biting into a warm breeze. Perfect for tea parties or a small light bite with coffee or after dinner liqueur. Dare to serve some solo with a glass of champagne as a starter!

Allergen alert: Chocolate, dairy, eggs, wheat. Almonds handled in a very controlled way. Peanut-free facility.