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We don't bake. You do.

Pastries come vacuum-sealed in packages of 6.
Simply rise them overnight and bake in the morning between 11 - 15 minutes.

  Available at selected specialty retailers and at our unbakery/pastry boutique.

Classic Croissants

Classic Croissant - “The croissant is the soul of the Pastry Chef.” (Pierre Hermé, Master of the Macaron)

Born in Belle Epoque Paris and an icon for France and French culinary culture, we call our croissant "classic" because it is. Light and airy with a musical crisp and just a kiss of butter. Not too bready, not too greasy, not too salty, not too sweet: a highwire balancing act between beautiful bread and beautiful pastry. There is nothing like losing yourself in the alchemy and sensual experience of a simply gorgeous old school croissant - made by hand and heart.

Pain au chocolat

Pain au Chocolat - dark chocolate wrapped in croissant dough

Another French classic, one bite and you’re back in Paris. That’s why we call ours “Parisian Pain au Chocolat.” Two sticks of European dark chocolate rolled in our beautiful croissant dough create a delectable duet of pastry and chocolate in love. Also known as ‘chocolatine’ in the south of France where Pascal is from. Some even call it ‘chocolate croissant’ even though it’s not even in the shape of a croissant. By any other name, starting your weekend morning savouring this beauty, puts the ‘oui’ back in weekend.

Cinnamon roll

Cinnamon Roll - finally a cinnamon roll that’s not too sweet

A stunning simple swirl of just the right amount of organic raisins and a kiss of cinnamon to start your day. We make our cinnamon rolls with our croissant dough and just a touch of organic cane sugar in our pastry cream so yours is flaky, light, fantastic - it’s all about the pure pastry pleasure. And the delicious scent of cinnamon rousing you from Saturday morning slumber. Freshly baked cinnamon rolls warm from your oven is a sure recipe for nostalgia meeting morning in the most delightful way.

Puff Pastry

French Puff Pastry - make your own yummy things

Layers of organic flour and unsalted butter, a pinch of salt, a drop of water and a bespoke recipe. Pascal’s puff pastry will make all your favourite sweet and savoury creations sing. Easy to use one flat sheet that thaws in the time it takes for you to cut the apples for a tantalizing tarte tatin. And sip on the Calvados. Bake like a French Pastry Chef or cook like a savoury one with puff pastry that makes your prep time in the kitchen fun and creative and makes you look like a star. We roll. You rock. (Comes in one flat sheet of 500 g)

  Available only at our unbakery/pastry boutique.

Almond Croissants

Almond Croissant - only real natural almond

Almond lovers rejoice! No day old croissants with sickly sweet marzipan or artificial goop here. Pascal makes his own almond cream of natural ground almond, unsalted butter, organic cane sugar and free-run eggs cooked to perfection and bundled inside his croissant dough. A dab more on top and a drizzle of slivered almonds and you have an almond croissant that would make the Sultan of Swing stand still. If you’re lucky, a little almond cream will ooze out during baking and make an almond cookie. I love that.


Brioche - the Queen of breads

Real brioche is very old school French with recipes dating back to the 1400s. Made in small batches from Pascal’s own recipe in the classical way with lots of free-run eggs and unsalted butter, brioche is a creamy, dreamy cloud of wonderfulness. Almost rich but not sweet, it is this lovely place between bread and cake. Ornamented with a semi- sweet delicate crunch of pearl sugar on top, you can rise it sooner for a denser texture or overnight like the other pastries for a lighter and airier one. Simply majestic.

Hamburger Brioche

Brioche Burger Bun - elevate your burger

Our same brioche recipe but flattened and without pearl sugar. Ideal for BBQing and bringing a richer and deeper taste to all your meats. Imagine lamb burgers or pulled pork on these puppies. Lobster sliders anyone? Also makes a mean eggs Bennie; cheerio English muffin, bonjour brioche! Reimagine your sandwiches with a little French flair.


Pain aux Raisins

Pain aux Raisins - a showcase for organic raisins and great pastry

A very popular pastry in France where grapes are plentiful and raisins not too far behind. A showcase for good raisins - and beautiful pastry. Our beautiful organic ones* are nestled in a spiral of Pascal’s original recipe pastry cream made in small fresh batches. (Made with local organic milk, organic cane sugar, local free-run eggs and a dash of flour.) An entirely different pastry than the cinnamon roll; a French and fun change. (*Unless organic, most raisins are coated in GMOed canola oil and drenched in sulfites. No wonder kids don’t like them.)

Cinnamon Roll no raisins

Cinnamon Rolls without Raisins - it’s all about the pastry

Because even though we use amazingly delicious organic raisins that taste like caramel and are nature’s finest candy, some people prefer to focus on that pure pastry pleasure without ‘em!


Chouquettes - golf ball size semi-sweet air puffs

Move over macaron and make way for your perhaps plainer but more mysterious and interesting sister. Made from pâte à choux, chouquettes are a real French thing. Like ‘biting into a warm breeze’, they’re adorable little pastry puffs that are empty inside and sprinkled with pearl sugar. Bake from frozen in just 30 minutes. A perfect pairing with champagne as an appetizer, darling tea party fare, or a semi-sweet something when company’s dropped in. A big hit with both the young and young at heart. (20 per package)

French Roll

French Roll - real fresh bread a single serving at a time

We’re often asked if we do baguette. We do even better: a simple beautiful petite baguette of 6 single servings of French style wonderfulness. We call it ‘pain de campagne’ (country bread) as it is reminiscent of the beautiful breads in France made with ‘seigle’ or rye flour. Pascal handcrafts each roll that rises in 3 hours and bakes in 30 minutes. Made with our primary flour and a nice freckle of local 100% dark organic rye. Sprinkle with water to help steam bake and add a dusting of flour for that fresh-out-of-the-stone-oven rustic look. It may be the best bread you’ve never had.

Pascal crafts each and every pastry by hand from his own original recipes in small batches.
See Ingredients Infographic on our homepage for provenance of all our ingredients as well as an allergen alert.