Artisan Frozen Croissant

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Good news for gluten-intolerants

We make our pastry for the 99% of people who can have flour. So if you’re the 1% who is celiac, what the heck are you doing here?? We are so sorry you can’t join this pastry party but thankfully, you can still have good chocolate and wine so stop torturing yourself darling and go grab some and have a nice hot bath.

If you however, are someone who considers yourself “gluten-intolerant”, we have news for you. You may be able to eat our pastries. Don’t hang up! Yes, it’s possible and here’s why. One word: fermentation. Remember, croissants are not cupcakes or scones or donuts. The dough is yeasted which changes everything.

In a nutshell, because our pastries go through a natural fermentation process that you induce yourself by thawing and rising them – a technical process called “proofing” (foodbloggers are obsessed with this word!), the natural gluten basically loses its potency and kinda times out (I am oversimplifying a very technical process but bear with me).

Time is the essence

Ever since the industrialization of our food and especially over-processing of baked goods for mass consumption (particularly yeasted doughs like bread and croissants), people’s tummies have become troubled. Why? Because speed of manufacture and shelf life rule out taste and especially the essential ingredient of time which is what makes good bread and good croissants. The leavening process (the fermentation), is the chemical process that makes for good bread (and not just dough in a bag). So, the longer the fermentation process, the more digestible the bread is and this all important process takes time. Also, don’t you find it interesting that a natural protein like gluten is the villain and not the unpronounceable chemicals in our food? Maybe I’ll write a little more about the multi-billion dollar industry of gluten-free food and post a few links you might be interested in reading that challenge this trend as food for thought.

It does seem contrary to popular belief but it may be possible for you to enjoy our pastries due to both the quality of our flour, our recipes and our technique with our frozen process. While you sleep, you give your pastries a nice long overnight rise time so they quietly and deliciously make themselves happily enjoyable for you. And you can finally share the pleasure of beautiful fresh gourmet croissants in the morning warm from the oven, just like everyone else.

It’s worth a try and we’re not the only ones who think so. Here’s just one opinion below. There’s a lot of controversy about it so dig deep and discover what’s best for you. Remember butter was the bad guy once. Now everyone’s putting it in their coffee! In the end don’t take my word for it. Just trust your gut!