Artisan Frozen Croissant

Fine French Pastries You Bake

Treat yourself to the finer things…

March 2022. Masks still encouraged. We’re wearing ours awhile longer. Lison has saved some money on lipstick that way. Thank you.

Photo credit: Bernice Hill dishnthekitchen

Your coffee is hot for us.

We look forward to welcoming you to our beautiful atelier in Cochrane, Alberta where we make, share and celebrate our obsession with this beautiful genre of French pastry. What we do is highly unique: specialize ONLY in making this TYPE of French pastry FROZEN. Think of it less like going to the bakery and more like going to the wine store. Stock up your freezer (instead of the cellar) with gorgeous French pastries waiting for you to bake fresh and treat yourself when the weekend comes. Question, comment, warm fuzzy? Contact us.