Artisan Frozen Croissant

Fine French Pastries You Bake

Taste life again.”

Chris here – we met the day before my big drive back to Oregon. I put my pastries on ice and packed them well in my cooler for the 14 hour drive. I baked one batch of pastries the next morning and they were so wonderful. I stopped by my brother’s and his wife was super excited to get some which she baked the next morning. My bro, my sis-in-law, my nephew, and his girlfriend all enjoyed them and said how incredible they were. You made a lot of people happy in Portland.

Pascal’s Patisserie is by far one of the best pastry shops. Cochrane is lucky to have them. After being diagnosed with Celiac Disease, I thought I would not be able to eat wheat again. I tried their pastries and had no reaction. I believe it had to do with the wheat (transitional-organic flour) they use and how they use it. I’ve recommended it to other friends who suffer from the same issue and they have had no reaction either. Thank you Pascal’s Patisserie!

It is said that life imitates art. Why shouldn’t food? Look no further. Our artisan, Pascal, has created upon his canvas of pastry a visceral provocation of the culinary senses that would melt the heart of the most constitutionally substantive aristocrat! If you live your life to rehabilitate the old idea that what is unique and authentic can produce an aura of inherent respect, then you will also understand that food is not simply a means to an end. Sometimes, in order to exist more deliberately – to breathe deeper – one needs to spend a little more, eat a little less and live better. If you want to know yourself with a richer heart, you have to find the time to wrap a little of your soul around this delightful work. Start with your lips. Go from there. Slowly. Free of massification and commodification but rich in mouth-melting artistic fervour, the experience of Pascal’s will renew your faith in the experience of life. I’m from Quebec. I love food. I have scoured this wonderful city of ours for hours upon hours to find people who express themselves through their craft to celebrate a passion of deeper connections to who we are by how we eat. Dedicating his life to achieving that balance, Pascal is a gift to us from the south of France. I know what he has found. You need to find him.You will not be disappointed. Taste life again. Live better. Enjoy.


Your pastries are like a well-told story.

I am so happy to have you back in my life!! It’s wonderful to see that Pascal has not lost his ‘touch’- if anything, the time off only helped.

I have a condition where I’ve lost my sense of smell and taste. I just love your croissants because I can tell by the mouthfeel their quality. They give me a memory of something good and that means a lot to me.